The Rose That Belonged To Two

They love me, that I know to be true
It just hurts to know that I love them too
It’s not the fact that I love them that hurts me
But more of the tragedies that have befallen me

I have been hurt, betrayed, and stabbed
By those who told me they’d never go bad
They promised me that they would stay
That no matter what, they’d do me no pain

I shut myself away from the world of love
No longer wanting to feel stung
They came along, looking over my walls
Seeing not the monster I had become

They talked with me, offering me smiles
It was almost as if they hadn’t noticed I was defiled
With their hands that I noticed had been covered with blood
They removed the tears that flowed like the Nile

The first one had been a doctor
A medical history that was uncommon
His eyes were cold yet warmed my soul
I would never deny how I loved his smile

The second was a killer
Bloodshed being all that he knew
His rough hands holding mine in a soft cocoon
Like he was to me, I was something new

They both came to me with soft intention
They did not wish to add to my affliction
Though unsure, I gave them a chance
I would gladly do it again

My garden, for them, was a place of salvation
I opened my arms to give them rest
The world on the outside of my walls
They deemed it only as a mess

We walked and talked and chortled and sung
For once in my life, nothing was going wrong



Since I was a kid everything had become a game

It seemed almost as if everyone thought the same

I want so badly to leave my home

To be on my own, to be free of the cold

What more could I hope for besides a loving home?


Anything that could help me free myself was taken

Even my trust had been mistaken

I realize now that no matter what I thought

Everyone who hurt me had to be dropped

In the end, it wasn’t about my wants


I wanted the safety I felt in my room at night

Away from all types of human life

My music plays, soothing my doubts

Erasing all that has made me dark


It was something that I didn’t want to admit

But I had to face the seriousness of it

My home was not a good one, nor had it ever been

They guilt tripped me again and again

How could I bare that again?


Instead I smile in their faces, refusing to trade places

My trust broken on more than one occasion

I would offer them no word of remorse or sympathy

That became the seriousness inside of me

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness


With her hands in her pockets she sighed. How many years had it been since she had been on her own? She had lost track of time just as she had for everything else. She was as hot headed as her fiery red hair, she was as adventurous as her emerald green eyes, and she was as all over the place just as her freckles were over her body and face. She was the fire that could either help or burn those around her.


While she hadn’t been dancing, she had attracted the attention of the people around her. She could care less about what they thought of her not dancing, but there was no one interesting enough to dance with or for. Didn’t help that all her friends had already left the party with their date for the night. Walking to the bathroom, she stopped in front of a large mirror, surprised to see something other than her reflection. There was someone else on the other side of it.


He kept his hands behind his back, a sigh empting his parted lips. He knew exactly how long he had been on his own; a total of four years and two months. Nothing was out of place nor forgotten, he needed to remember it all to keep sane. He was level headed as his dark brown hair that had been cut just above his eyebrows but was curly, as simple as his slanted brown eyes, and as empty as his blemish free face. He was the very ice that froze the people around him.


This party had been thrown by him to welcome his business partners to his country Korea. It wasn’t something that he wanted to do per say, but it was what his mother had wanted for him. He was just following in his now dead father’s footsteps, taking over the family business just as he would have wanted for his son. His son, however, had a different passion but would never rebel against his family unless necessary. Walking out of the room he made his way to his office, pretending that he was going to get something out of there.


In all honesty he wanted to get out of there and into a space where he hadn’t had to be so uptight. Walking into the office further he looked into the mirror, expecting to see himself but only to see the red haired girl staring right back at him.


The two watched each other from the their sides of the mirror, each with a different scenery behind them. Behind the woman was an empty bathroom wall. Behind the man lay a large, yet almost empty, business office. They looked at each other before looking behind them, observing the differences between the two before turning to one another again.




It was strange, despite not knowing Korean, she understood him.




When she answered him back in Scottish Gaelic, she could see the same surprise that she had before paint his features. The curiousness that glossed over both of their eyes as the reached up to touch the mirror, causing tiny ripples to run through it, almost as if were made of water. This didn’t stop them. He felt the need to move back, and once he had she had pushed forward and into his side of the mirror. She felt frozen, the room was much colder than it had been at her own party.


Looking back into the mirror, she found that she was no longer in her party clothing, but a formal gown that she knew she wasn’t rich enough to afford on her own. He tapped her shoulder and offered her a smile, his dimples showing through. Looking down she realized that he had his arm out for her to take, and being unsure of what else to do she took it.


“긴장. 다 괜찮을 것입니다.”


Relax. Everything’s okay.


How could she relax in such a setting? She felt like an outsider, yet he treated her as if she belonged there most of all. She followed his lead, daring not to step out of line. Everything was still freezing cold, she missed the warmth of her party. He led her back to the party and danced slowly with her to the soft sounds of the music.


It felt like there was no one other than them in the room, until other people came up to investigate the new person whom they had never seen before. After greeting a few people she lead him back to the mirror, wanting to show him her own lifestyle.


“Mo Cuir a-nis!”


My turn now!


He blinked, but once more a small smile had painted his face. He was willing to give her world a try like she had done his. The wide smile on her face made him want to follow her to the ends of the Earth. She walked through the glass with ease, the ripples surrounding her as she did so. Feeling panicked, he quickly followed after her, diving deep into the world that was hers.


The loud music that he couldn’t hear through the glass hit him full force, the vibrations of the bass thundering through his chest. Having the need to see if he changed too, he turned to look at himself. His suit disappeared only to be replaced in slightly tattered clothing that hugged him loosely. He wasn’t sure how he had gotten these kinds of clothing, his mother would never allow him to wear such a thing, but he was in awe of it all.


“이것은 당신이 어떻게 느 꼈는 지?”


Is this how you felt?






It was odd to be in a place that he had never known before, he wasn’t even sure if he was still in Korea. When she grabbed his hand to lead him out of the bathroom to the dance floor, he felt the heat of the room. It hadn’t even been a second before he started to sweat a little, but as she started dancing he couldn’t stop his body from joining her. He had not the slightest idea of what he was doing, not like she did, but that didn’t stop him from keeping up with her. Moments passed before he was burning, but she seemed perfectly fine.


It was hard to breath in the heat, and the smell of the people around him was nauseating. Gently, he took her hand and lead her back to the mirror where he stepped back into his office, placing his hands against the mirror where she could put hers. She did, only then did she feel the heat of herself while he felt his coldness.


“Tha mi ag iarraidh a bhith air a losgadh le thu…”


I want to be burning with you…


“당신과 함께 고정 하 고 싶어요…”


I want to be frozen with you…


It was then that they both realized that they had to make compromise in order for the two of them to learn to handle the temperature of the other.


“나와 함께 미지근한 수…”


“Be bhlàth còmhla rium….”


Be lukewarm with me…


When they both spoke the mirror began to ripple again, but this time it was more violent. The two teenagers didn’t feel threatened, instead, they kept their eyes on the other with smiles painting their features. The worlds behind them began to glow a blinding white, the people in the other rooms were seemingly clueless to the things happening in the other rooms. No screams or shouts of panic at the sudden light, they all just simply faded away, or was it the two who faded away? The glass shattered as the world around them began to shift and turn.


Still, they did not panic, instead they entangled their fingers and closed their eyes as they placed their foreheads together. Wind whisked around them, the smell of Earth and lush plant life brushed against their nose. The sound of birds and waterfalls caressed their ears, and the feeling of release wrapped around them like a blanket. Finally opening their eyes, they looked amongst themselves to find themselves in the mountains. Looking back at each other they no longer felt the surprise of seeing them dressed differently.


They dressed in all white clothing that was neither fit for a formal party, nor a wild party.


“My name is Iona.”


For some reason, here they spoke English, but all in all, they didn’t mind. The could speak a similar language now.


“Oh Hyeon Hwa”


They smiled at each other once again and she took his hand in hers.


“We’re no longer fire and ice, huh?”


“No, I suppose not. I believe we’re lukewarm now.”


Gently cupping her face with his free hand he pulled her towards him, giving her a soft kiss to which she happily kissed back. Wrapping her arms around his neck, he gently held her waist. Once they pulled away for air, Iona gave him a grin.


“Let’s be lukewarm for a little longer, then.”
“My pleasure.”


via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

The Lonely Ghost

How long had it been since he had been dead?


Aware that he was dead, really?


He wasn’t all that sure, all that he could remember was in splotches. One thing, however was certain: that there had been fire, lots of it. His name was August, August Abbott, he was a strapping young gentleman who was only of age eighteen. He had been born with summer golden blonde hair that his mother made sure he kept combed back, pale skin as smooth as water, and eyes as green as the fresh green grass he would always seen downtown near the meadows and farmlands near the farmhouse that he would always visit. He remember those things, but who his mother was, if he had a father, or perhaps a little sibling, he could never quite remember.


It wasn’t as if the young man had been conversing and being jovial with others to forget said things, because that wasn’t quite the case, far from it actually.


August was lonely.


Very lonely.


No one seemed to be able to see the boy even if he were to greet them and bid them good day. “Ah, m’lady! Good day!” or “Greetings, my good sir!” went unanswered and ignored. It had taken him a few centuries to realize that they weren’t ignoring him but more so the fact that they couldn’t see him or hear him. Else they were good at pretending he wasn’t there, he supposed. It was impossible for him to even enjoy the sites of the world changing, as there was no one to enjoy it with.


It made his heart sink, if he still had one. Being a ghost made it all the more confusing. He found himself sitting on a cobblestone wall as he watched the sun begin to set, this was going to be his new home. It was all the things that he could remember. Lush green grass with farm animals and flowers aplenty!


Although he couldn’t remember why he had started coming to the landscape, but the faint voice of mirthful laughter brushed upon his memory. The voice as sweet as marigolds and daisies, it tickled his heart and cause his green eyes to shimmer with an emotion that he couldn’t place. His chest swelled at the thought of such a thing, but he still could not place the sound, it angered him.


“If I still had a heart, no doubt would it be shattered.”, he mused angrily as he let out a tired sigh.


The disadvantage of being dead not only was that his loneliness was beyond compare, but that sleep would do him no good. He was dead, he had no use for sleep, therefore, he didn’t. As night time came around he looked around him. The long dirt roads, fences used to hold in the cattle and the horses, the tall trees that blossomed with a bounty of fruit that would be ready to pick any day now, and the happy houses that families were now currently inside as they ate and got ready for bed, it all hurt him. It was always the happy emotions that he struggled with, the sad ones he recognized without so much as a bat of an eye.


It all made him furious!


Why is it that he could only remember so little?


Why was it that he was forced to be alone without anyone to suffer like him?


Why was it that he had to suffer alone while watching the people around him grow and enjoy life, laughing and making new memories that they would be able to look back on for years to come?


What had he done wrong?


He had made his mistakes, but was this really his punishment?
Heaving a sigh he placed his trembling red face in his hands and let out a choked sob. As always, there was no one to comfort this lonely ghost. The ghost that no one could see, the ghost that no one could hear, and the ghost that no one cared enough to seek out. The only thing that was able to lift his head was the sudden solid hand on his shoulder.

Beauty Is Natural.

Beauty, for years, has always been a topic of conversation around the world. What made you beautiful? What was too much make up? What was too little make up? Was it okay to be without make up?

For a long time Cinderella had wondered that. What exactly made her beautiful if it wasn’t her make up?

“Beauty is natural.”

The phrase was confusing, because Cinderella had hardly ever seen people actually ever talk like that. Truth be told, she neither disagreed, not did she agree. She agreed because beauty didn’t necessarily mean make up and cover ups, sometimes it meant that you felt beautiful. It was the natural feeling of knowing that something on the inside made you beautiful on the outside.

“Cinderella, what on the inside makes you beautiful?”

She had to think about it. What exactly made her beautiful on the inside? Cinderella could joke and say her organs, but fought the urge to do so, deciding to save it for another day.

“I like to view myself as intelligent and passionate. I’m loyal and I love, even if I love a little to harshly.”

They made her beautiful because they made her…well, her! There, however were things on the outside that made her beautiful.

“If that’s what makes you pretty on the inside, then what about the outside?”

It was simple, Cinderella didn’t have to put any thought into what she liked about her outside appearance! She loved her short, tom boyish black hair, she loved her ocean blue eyes, and she loved her tiny button nose. They all made doing her make up easier to do, they made her feel wonderful on the outside, just as she felt on the inside.

“How does that relate to beauty being natural? These are all just what you think. I don’t think you understood the question, Cinderella.”

Beauty is a thought, it’s a thing of the mind based off preferences. Beauty is natural because the way you feel is most certainly going to affect how people see you. However, beauty isn’t natural because some people do not feel that way, and they’ll change the way they looked before, only to hate themselves, making it unnatural.

Beauty is how you think of yourself.

Beauty is anything you want it to be.

Beauty is a train of thought.

Beauty is natural.