The Rose That Belonged To Two

They love me, that I know to be true
It just hurts to know that I love them too
It’s not the fact that I love them that hurts me
But more of the tragedies that have befallen me

I have been hurt, betrayed, and stabbed
By those who told me they’d never go bad
They promised me that they would stay
That no matter what, they’d do me no pain

I shut myself away from the world of love
No longer wanting to feel stung
They came along, looking over my walls
Seeing not the monster I had become

They talked with me, offering me smiles
It was almost as if they hadn’t noticed I was defiled
With their hands that I noticed had been covered with blood
They removed the tears that flowed like the Nile

The first one had been a doctor
A medical history that was uncommon
His eyes were cold yet warmed my soul
I would never deny how I loved his smile

The second was a killer
Bloodshed being all that he knew
His rough hands holding mine in a soft cocoon
Like he was to me, I was something new

They both came to me with soft intention
They did not wish to add to my affliction
Though unsure, I gave them a chance
I would gladly do it again

My garden, for them, was a place of salvation
I opened my arms to give them rest
The world on the outside of my walls
They deemed it only as a mess

We walked and talked and chortled and sung
For once in my life, nothing was going wrong



Since I was a kid everything had become a game

It seemed almost as if everyone thought the same

I want so badly to leave my home

To be on my own, to be free of the cold

What more could I hope for besides a loving home?


Anything that could help me free myself was taken

Even my trust had been mistaken

I realize now that no matter what I thought

Everyone who hurt me had to be dropped

In the end, it wasn’t about my wants


I wanted the safety I felt in my room at night

Away from all types of human life

My music plays, soothing my doubts

Erasing all that has made me dark


It was something that I didn’t want to admit

But I had to face the seriousness of it

My home was not a good one, nor had it ever been

They guilt tripped me again and again

How could I bare that again?


Instead I smile in their faces, refusing to trade places

My trust broken on more than one occasion

I would offer them no word of remorse or sympathy

That became the seriousness inside of me

via Daily Prompt: Seriousness

Am I A Child Or Teen?

Am I a child or a teen?

Treated the same, yet treated differently

Belittled like a child

With the expectations of a teen

Who could blame me?


Pinned against my peers

Elders turning their ears

No one would listen

Scolding me for my tears


“Why are you crying?”


Isn’t it clear?

The world around me is just a pain in my rear

Nothing I do is right

The things I do right aren’t held dear

How would that make you feel?


I am the most misunderstood

Even those who say they hold me dear refuse to hear

Why am I treated like this?

Why does their judgment change with my year?

I thought that it would end here


No one wants to hear what I have to say

But they always ask for my opinion

When I refuse to answer all I see are sneers

“What is the point of this?”


My cries fall on dead ears


“All you do is cry!”


Is that all that you hear?

I’m broken!

I’m tired!

All I ever see now is fire!

I want to know!


Child or teen?

Which do you use to identify me?

Or are you too busy destroying the world and blaming the teens?

Adults run the world, causing problems for any

What makes an adult so special?

The fact they were born before the 90’s?


Nothing differs them from me

Your so called child teen

The time I was born?

The time I’ve spent in this wretched world?

Time is nothing but a fabric of our imagination to keep sane


We always use it for blame

You didn’t have enough time?

What a stupid lie

You have the time to do what you want

But your needs are always dropped, but you were fine

To feel better you need something to belittle

To keep you above the heated kettle


“You’re a child, but you age like a teen. You now have the same responsibilities as me.”


I don’t understand any of it

Am I a child or a teen?

Matter of fact, don’t tell me

I can decide for myself who I will be

With or without the help of those above me


Child or teen?

Neither are me

I have decided for myself

I am free