Magnolia Chapter One: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

With the moon so bright and high in the sky, the darkness it couldn’t seem to penetrate made Magnolia’s stomach twist and turn anxiously. It wasn’t the darkness that scared her in and of itself, but that she couldn’t see anything in front of or around herself. Even her hand hid in the inky darkness when she tried to hold it close to her face.

Her fear was doing its damnedest to override her common sense, and she would be lying if she didn’t admit that she wanted to run, but she stopped herself.

If she couldn’t see, where exactly was she hoping to go? Into a tree, more than likely.

Closing her eyes, Magnolia took in a deep breath, noticing the sweet smell of pine and the earthy smell of dirt. There was a freshness where she was, one that whispered secrets of past well before her time. A soft smile painted her lips as she soaked it all in, but her relaxation hadn’t lasted longer than a few moments.

Wait… I’m… I’m in a forest ?”

It was one thing to know where she was, but it didn’t answer her question of how she had gotten there. She tried to adjust her eyes to the darkness, but ended up with a headache instead. Groaning, she rubbed her temples, trying to get herself together again.

“If I’m here, someone else should be here too, right?”

There was no way that she could ever end up in a place like this all on her own; Magnolia never did things like this by herself, someone would always have to go with her. Magnolia wanted to call out to see if her friends Alice and Salem were here with her, but the idea that something that wasn’t her friends hearing her wasn’t too appealing.

“If I just follow the moon, I should be able to find a way out of this darkness…. At least, if I’m lucky I’ll be able to…”

It wasn’t a very good plan, but it was all that she had at the moment. Keeping her eyes on the moon, she held her hands out to feel for things, making sure not to bump into anything. The silence that followed her as she walked made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up; There was supposed to be the crunching of leaves on the ground, the call of owls, the sound of running water, or the sound of crickets and yet there was nothing but the sound of her footsteps and her breathing.

She could feel it, she could feel it in her gut. Something wasn’t right here.

Biting her lip, Magnolia did what she always did when she was scared or in danger: imagining a white light surrounding her, she took another deep breath to focus on it and what she needed it to do. This was something she had learned how to do when she had first started her energy work journey, it was how she would ward herself and protect herself from anything meaning to harm her.

She stopped in her tracks and imagined this white light surrounding her like a dome, protecting her from all threats to her safety. The light of it, unlike before, started to pierce through the darkness of her eyelids. Panicked, Magnolia opened her eyes, her mouth agape in shock; the darkness that had engulfed her was no more within her dome, although the darkness outside of it stayed prevalent.

“This… This isn’t the real world?!”

Her surprised voice had come out louder than she had meant for it too, but before she could mourn her mistake a deep chuckle sounded from behind her.

“So you finally figured it out, have you my darling? How clever~

The sickening sound of worms wriggling around in a bucket of slime made her cringe, a foul smell of rotten flesh and centuries old spoiled milk accompanied it. It was strong enough to make Magnolia gag, staggering back as it assaulted her nose.

“I’ve waited for a very long time for you… You haven’t a clue just how long I’ve waited! I’d say I’ve been rather… generous … doing so, don’t you think? I believe that calls for a reward~”

Whoever was hiding from her had a smooth voice that had a bit of a purr to it when he spoke. What had really caught her attention, however, was a grotesque slurping sound that followed his words.

Was he… Was he licking his lips?

It made her shiver in disgust; Although she couldn’t see, the chuckle that left whatever was talking to her made her realize that she was the only one between the two of them that was clouded in darkness.

She was disgusted by whoever, or whatever , was talking to her. The way he was talking to her made her feel like a slab of meat on display for all to gawk at.

Well ? I’m waiting on an answer, my dearest.”

His tone was getting snappish and impatient; He was expecting her, no, demanding her reply. Scowling, she answered through gritted teeth.

“No, I really don’t.

“Hm, is that so? Such a shame it doesn’t matter. So, play nice and play the part you’re destined for, my dearest Magnolia.”

The smell became stronger as he came closer, but every inch he came closer, was another inch she stepped back. Her dome kept enough light going for her to watch her step, missing things that she could have tripped and hurt herself over. The hidden figure in front of her was getting angry.

“I waited ever so graciously for you, and this is the payment that I’m getting? I am your future husband , your future king , you owe me!”

This creep was sick in the head! Magnolia gagged, the thought of marrying him made her want to hurl!

“As if I’d ever marry someone like you !”

The atmosphere around the two of them filled Magnolia with a sense of danger, as if her words had set off a ticking time bomb.

I’ll have you rather you like it or not!

An inhuman roar emptied his throat, and the moment he lunged at her, Magnolia turned tail and began to run. Her eyes had to continuously switch from looking at the moon and looking in front of herself to keep from tripping. A fear that was unlike any other coursed through her veins, her legs propelling her faster than they had ever done before.

“You were mine the day that– That horrid woman created you, and I’ll have you dead or alive!”

He continued to scream horrible things at her, the sound of trees falling and the grotesque noise from before followed swiftly behind her. She knew he wasn’t going as fast as he could have been going.

He could have easily caught her and killed her, and yet… He didn’t.

He was messing with her, preying on her fear; She knew well enough about him from their small talk that he was probably punishing her for saying no to him. What better way to handle a disobedient soon-to-be wife than straight up traumatizing her? After all, he was ‘ supposed ‘ to be her future husband, and good wives never said no to their husbands who did only the bare minimum for them!

Why, something like that was completely unheard of!

The sound of trees cracking and falling to the ground followed even more closely behind the both of them; Was he tearing them up from the ground to scare her even more?

“You can’t escape your destiny! You can run all you want, but you have the limited energy of a mortal woman! You’ll tire yourself out, you’ll become an easy prey!”

His voice sounded closer than before; Suddenly, her arm was burning as if someone had poured bubbling, piping hot grease on it. Looking down at it quickly, she noticed that her arm was getting covered in a thick blackish red goop that wriggled like worms, burning her skin. It moved quickly, covering her hand and moving up to her elbow in less than a few seconds. Hissing, Magnolia shook her arm trying to get it off of her, but had lost her footing and fell to the forest floor, rolling for a moment, before forcing herself to get back up and continue running.

Her fall only removed a small portion of the goop from her arm, showing purplish red skin left behind, the bits that stayed continued to burn and destroy her skin.

“Oh deary me, do you not like my present Magnolia~?”

The mocking tone came again, assaulting her mental will to keep going. Magnolia hadn’t much time to stew on it before the burning intensified. Looking down at her arm again, the red sludge had once again started to overtake her hand and arm. Although it was much slower this time, the sludge showed no signs of stopping its attack. Her eyes filled with tears as her breath became rugged; It was getting harder and harder for her to keep her dome surrounding her. With no concentration, it would surely disappear.

“Why don’t we give this cat-and-mouse chase a break, darling… Become mine and I’ll heal your arm, I’ll take care of you and love you as you should be loved, all you need to do is submit to me and become mine~”

“Fuck you!”

With what little strength she had, Magnolia spat her words angrily; She had no intentions of going down easy. The thing chuckled at her; He was well aware that her dome wouldn’t last much longer. He had said nothing after that, and that in itself was scarier than the inky darkness that hid him. Grunting, Magnolia tried her best to keep her dome up, but she was running out of energy and it was getting harder and harder for her to keep going. The sound of large amounts of water falling filled her ears, but before she could even register it Magnolia was shoved harshly, falling and rolling out into an opening where a peaceful waterfall laid.

It went about its business as if nothing was wrong at all, as if Magnolia wasn’t crying out in pain as her arm continued to burn. The moonlight could finally caress her skin, or at least what of it wasn’t burning.

The energy worker snarled and cried as she tried to wipe it off on the ground before rushing over to the water and plunging her arm into it to wash it off, scrubbing frantically to get it off of her. Looking towards where she had been shoved from, the ugliest thing she had ever seen in her life stood watching her, seemingly pleased with his handy-work.

Almost nothing about him looked human.

It was an abnormally large pile of reddish black goop, parts of it looked like worms wriggling and fighting to be free, though other parts of it moved more like a liquid. Parts of its body were dripping all over the place, and having finally gotten a good look at him, Magnolia now understood exactly why the trees had kept falling behind them both.

The trees that surround him had quickly decayed and fell to the ground, melting into what she could only describe as black, bubbling tar. The green grass below him had turned a horrible shade of black.

Everything he touched was dying, in a panic, she quickly lifted her arm from the water free of the parts of himself he had thrown onto her now completely gone. Magnolia hissed, she couldn’t move her arm, but he gave a deep-bellied laugh before coming further out of the forest to allow her a better view of him. All over his upper half were skulls of all kinds; From human skulls, to animal skulls, there were even skulls that she had never seen before in her life.

The way it moved was unsteady and jerky, leaving puddles of his body behind him.

“Come, my bride! Bask in the glory that is your soon-to-be husband! The Great Gorath!”

The glory?

The glory ?

What glory?

Magnolia had never seen something so ugly in all her life! To her, he looked like he was the embodiment of all things horrible and nasty! Just looking at him made her sick to her stomach, not that the smell gave him any brownie points.

“Fuck you! I’d rather die than marry scum like you!”

The growl that emptied him rumbled the ground, within a blink of an eye he was in front of her; It now filled the eye sockets of all the skulls that rested on his form with a bright red light. Magnolia wasn’t able to fight back physically anymore, but she would be damned if she were going to just sit back and let him have her without a fight.

If she were to die, at least it would be on her terms.

Then perish.

Magnolia screwed her eyes shut tightly as he went to cover her in his deadly guck but all she was met with was a pain-filled scream.

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?

Opening her eyes, she saw the creature suddenly covered in fire, struggling to put himself out without getting too close to the water.

“It’s time to wake up, Magnolia. You aren’t safe here. Hehehe…”

A soft voice whispered to her, it was almost as if she could hear it but not hear it at the same time. Before she could even react, a brown shoe shoved her off the waterfall’s cliff. The place where she had just been quickly disappeared, the only thing she could do was let out a terrified scream.

The water came closer and closer to her before she plunged deep into its cold depths. Despite hitting the water from such a great height, there was no pain that followed; Her bones hadn’t snapped and her head hadn’t been busted open, instead it felt like she were being cradled by the water.

It wasn’t until the water started to heat up that Magnolia started to panic again. It felt as if she were being boiled alive that her screaming continued, allowing the water to fill her lungs. Already low on energy it wasn’t too long before her strength had completely depleted. Magnolia noticed that her world was turning black, but there was little she could do about it until something had startled her awake.

“Magnolia! Someone go help her, she’s down!”

“Our healers are down for the count! There’s no one left to help!”

“Kill them and hurry and do the spell she gave us, then!”

“I don’t have the energy to cast another spell, damn it!”

“Damn it all!”

There were loud sounds of fighting and arguing that caused Magnolia’s eyes snapped open. In a sorry attempt to move her body, she found that she only had the energy to move her eyes, not that she could really see much of anything. No longer was she being boiled alive in the deep depths of what should have been her watery tomb. The world around her was still and cold, but the scent of blood and salt burned her nostrils. There was a fight happening, she could hear it, but through blurry eyes she found it fruitless to try to see who it was.

Just where was she?

Why was there fighting?

Why did she need healing?

Plenty of questions bounced around in her head, but she couldn’t find an answer to any of them.

There was a horrible taste of dirt and blood in her mouth, it was gritty and made Magnolia want to throw up. Magnolia tried to move again, but found the task impossible. She could move her mouth just a bit, but her throat felt so painfully dry.

Something didn’t feel right to Magnolia;. All she knew was that something was bubbling up in her throat, something that she needed to say. Something that if she got it out might fix everything. Her mind was a jumbled and messy tornado, but only one thing was clear to her.

“My… My love is lost…. My love is broken… Destroy this horrible world… Make it broken…”

Magnolia winced as she spoke, it felt like she had eaten glass and all of it had gotten stuck in her throat. She didn’t stop, feeling the need to keep going. The ground began to tumble and rumble, the pebbles in front of her making their presence known as they bounced against the hard ground.

“End this terrible existence…. Be not at the stroke of midnight…. Break the glass and shatter the wood– ”

The ground began to rumble even more the further into the spell she got; panicked shouts reached her ears, although they were fuzzy and sounded so far away, she couldn’t even tell who was calling her.

“Magnolia, no! Stop-”

“Destroy this place which has taken!”

Voices were calling her name, but her eyes were going heavy. Unable to stay awake, Magnolia could no longer stay awake. What she needed to do had been done, and with that in mind she drifted off into an eternal sleep.

The darkness surrounded her for a good moment before something else, something much louder and clearer, yelled for her attention.





Don't Blink

This was home to her, there was no other place she wanted to be. This ugly piece of land was the only place that would welcome her with open arms. After all, wasn’t this place a lot like her? Claire had become the village outcast by her family and village all because of the large gash shaped birthmark that took up over three fourths of her back.

“You wouldn’t turn me away, would you?”

It was crazy that she was talking to seemingly no one, it wasn’t like the statue or the fog could actually answer her. Walking forward towards the clouded water, Claire took in what she had always known to be her. Waist long carrot orange hair that was in a braid over her shoulder, wide emerald eyes that searched themselves for a reason as to why she had been born this way, and skin that was a pale as snow with freckles dusting her face and shoulders heavily. To be honest, her entire body had been covered in freckles, it was one of the few feature’s she liked about herself.

With a tiny sigh she took her dress off, hating the feel of it. Her family wasn’t the best, and most her clothing were uncomfortable but she knew that she couldn’t take it off. The water wouldn’t make her put on such horrid, itchy, and ugly clothing. It didn’t mind that she was naked, it didn’t mind that she showed herself or her scar to it.

“A little deer so far from home, so it seems.”

Emerald eyes snapped up from the water to look around for the voice, turning around to have them land on a tall gentleman who stood calmly behind her. She quickly covered herself with her hands, her emerald eyes hardened but all he did was give a tiny smirk.

Just how long had he been there?

How hadn’t she heard him approach her?

“Do not be frightened, I bring you no harm…”

He looked very strange to her, his clothing was of that she had never seen before, but his looks are what interested her the most. His skin was as pale as hers, if not whiter, his slanted eyes were honey browned, and he had long coal black hair that was in a high pony tail. He offered a cocky smirk, exposing two very sharp fangs.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

Claire didn’t feel threatened by him, but more so comforted by him but that didn’t mean that she wasn’t embarrassed that he caught her stripping.

“I ponder the same since this is my land, but I shall tickle your interest as an apology gift. I am Heisuke. You must be Claire, the unfortunate young woman who must bare such a heavy curse…”

It shocked her that he knew her name, even if it was known as the named of the cursed. He saw the ugly marking on her back, but he didn’t look like he was from around where she lived, so how could he know about it?

“How do you know my name?”

“I know many things. Traveling and being alive since the Edo period have done their works, as well as taken their toll.”

The crunch of the dead leaves that surrounded them was enough to drive Claire insane, she hated the sound of it now that it was being done by a stranger. A weird stranger, no less. All she could wonder is how she hadn’t heard the leaves before.

“Your marking has been passed around for generations, giving ruin to all those who bare it. No one knows where that silly superstition began, at least not anyone still alive.”

“You speak as if I’m too young to understand.”

“No, no, I don’t mean that. You look to be a ripened young woman.”

“I am only of age sixteen, I am not ripened just yet.”

“Ah, but you are still beautiful, little deer.”

Claire frowned, she did not take kindly to his treatment. Though she was no adult, that hadn’t meant that she should be treated as a child. Being told she was a curse by those whom she loved was one thing, but to be treated like a child by a stranger was another.

“You’ve made it clear that this is your land. I take my leave.”

Claire sent him a cold look like she did to the villagers, and began to pick her clothing back up, willing to get dressed in the forest. With her head held high she began to walk away from him . His eyes seemed to burn holes in her back, but she tried to keep walking.

“Do you not remember me, Claire?”

That alone was enough to stop the redhead in her tracks. What did he mean remember him? She had only just met him! Turning back to him, to upset to be ashamed of her current state, she became bold.

“You must have me confused with another person, Mr. Heisuke.”

There had only been one Claire in the village but that had been her, but perhaps she looked like someone he knew. It was silly to try to make up an excuse for it, especially one that made no sense, but what else could she do? She didn’t know this man, she had never seen this man, so how could he ever know her?

He frowned and came closer to her, but in an inhuman manner. He had been a good distance away from her, yet in the blink of an eye he was mere inches from her. Now they were face to face, eye to eye, and it made Claire realize just how tall this fellow was.

“We met when I visited your home in Jamestown, you were the only one who would come play with me. I was the little Japanese boy your mother would tell you to stay away from. You’d stay… You’d stay with me… Don’t you remember? You remembered last time…”

Claire didn’t understand how the hurt look in his eyes had hurt her so, but had she been a child then like he had, why were they here in present time? What did he even mean by last time? She felt angry at him, this must be a lie! There was no other way for it to make sense!

“You have the-”

“I was the one who put that marking on your back…. I… I was the one who put that gash on your back so that I could find you again…”

She took a step back from him, frightened.

“I gave it to you when I was fifteen and you were twelve. I was beginning my work with the Shinsengumi and you were a tiny Geisha girl. You had died in Jamestown of a bad flu. I knew that I wouldn’t be so lucky like I had been that time, you wouldn’t have remembered me every time you came back, so I made that mark on your back…”

“You’re insane!”

Claire wouldn’t lie and say that she hadn’t meant to shout, but she didn’t want to hear this! She didn’t want to think about it! She knew that what he was saying had to be the truth, because as a little girl she had been very sickly and had almost died of a very bad flu. She’d have strange dreams that she couldn’t understand of herself in different places that she had never known or saw before, but this was just too much for her.

“I may be a little crazy, but I’m not crazy enough to let you go, Claire.”

The green eyed girl couldn’t have noticed over the sound of her beating heart that he had pushed her into a spot where she couldn’t escape. He had made her walk towards the water, away from the forest, without her noticing. She was at the edge, another step and she would be soaked.

“I’ll never, EVER, let you go.”

With one blink of her wide deer like eyes, he was gone, or so she thought. Hands quickly covered her eyes and she quickly went to claw them away.

“I adore you, Claire… We’ll be together just like when we were children… This time we won’t have to play pretend, I can be your husband now…”

She let out a horrid scream as he dug his fangs into her skin, drinking as much as he could as he leaned back and pulled her into the water with him. Nothing could have saved her from him as they were slowly engulfed by the water. It was almost as if they had fallen into putty or tar, it gargled and bubbled as it swallowed them whole. Where they once been had been clouded with fog, hiding them away from the world forever. A tiny bubble reached the surface, holding inside of it a tiny sound.


I, Annabel Lee

T’was many and many a year ago

In our kingdom by the sea

That I, a maiden, by the name Annabel Lee lived with my king

I lived with simple thoughts, nothing else would please me

Then to love and be loved by none other than he


He was a child, and as was I

But I paid that no mind

Because we loved with a love that was more than a love

In our sea castle high


With the love of the Heavens on our side

Our love never died

He filled my cup, turn not a bashful eye

We never thirsted, our love bountiful

The Angels blessings surrounding us


But that was the reason in our kingdom by the sea

That soon my highborn kinsmen came to retrieve me

No tears emptied their sullen eyes as they came

Invading our kingdom by the sea


I could offer no struggle as they tore he and me

The Angels laughed as he fell to knees

How jealous they had been

Envy; what a putrid shade of green


The chilling wind came through the night

Killing and chilling me, given me no fright

But I, Annabel Lee, had one thing

The love of my king, my sweetest love

In our darkened kingdom by the sea


Humans, old and young, that pried

Angels that danced in the sky

Demons that swam in the sea

They could not keep him from me

His Annabel Lee


No force big or small could dance in our kingdom by the sea

Nor dissever his soul from mine

His dearest Annabel Lee

For my soul did not wander far

I became the moon that gave him his dreams


I stayed close, having no will to be separated from he

My dearest king of our kingdom by the sea

Instead, I rested in the sepulcher by the sea

My eyes always watching him

My king who now slept eternally

The Lonely Ghost

How long had it been since he had been dead?

Aware that he was dead, to be exact.

He wasn’t all that sure, everything he remembered came to him in tiny glimpses. One thing, however, was certain: there had been a fire, a big one.

His name was August, August Abbott; he was a strapping young gentleman only of age eighteen. He had been born with summer golden blond hair that his mother made sure he kept comb back, pale skin as smooth as water, and eyes as green as the fresh green grass he would always seen downtown near the meadows and farmlands near the farmhouse that he would always visit. He remembers those things, but who his mother was, if he had a father, or perhaps a little sibling, he could never quite remember.

It wasn’t as if the young man had been conversing and being jovial with others to forget said things. That wasn’t quite the case, far from it actually.

August was lonely.

Very lonely.

No one seemed to be able to see the boy even if he were to greet them and bid them a good day.

“Ah, my lady! Good day!” or “Greetings, my good sir!”

No matter what he said, all went unanswered and ignored. It had taken him a few centuries to realize that they weren’t ignoring him but more so they couldn’t see or interact with him.

Else they were good at pretending he wasn’t there, he supposed.

It was impossible for him to even enjoy the sights of the world changing, as there was no one to enjoy it with.

It made his heart sink, if he still had one. Being a ghost made it all the more confusing. He sat on a cobblestone wall as he watched the sunset.

This would be his new home.

It was all the things that he could remember.

Lush green grass with farm animals and flowers aplenty!

Although he couldn’t remember why he had come to the landscape, the faint voice of mirthful laughter brushed upon his memory. The voice as sweet as marigolds and daisies, it tickled his heart and cause his green eyes to shimmer with an emotion that he couldn’t quite place. His chest swelled at the thought of such a thing, but he still could not place the sound, it angered him.

“If I still had a heart, it would shatter no doubt.”, he mused angrily as he let out a tired sigh.

The disadvantage of being dead not only was that his loneliness was beyond compare, but that sleep would do him no good. He was dead; he had no use for sleep, therefore, he didn’t.

As night time came about, he looked around himself. The long dirt roads, fences used to hold in the cattle and the horses, the tall trees that blossomed with a bounty of fruit that would be ready to pick any day now, and the happy houses that families were now inside as they ate and got ready for bed.

It all hurt him.

It was always the happy emotions that he struggled with, the sad ones he recognized without so much as a bat of an eye.

It all made him furious!

Why is it he could only remember so little?

Why was it he was forced to be alone with no one to suffer like him?

Why was it he had to suffer alone while watching the people around him grow and enjoy life, laughing and making new memories that they could look back on for years to come?

What had he done wrong?

He had made his mistakes, but was this really his punishment?

Heaving a sigh, he placed his trembling red face in his hands and let out a choked sob. As always, there was no one to comfort this lonely ghost. The ghost that no one could see, the ghost that no one could hear, and the ghost that no one cared enough to seek out.

As his body wrecked itself with forlorn sobs, all the negative feelings that August had been holding onto emptied him through his tears. As loud as he cried, he refused to hold back.

Who would hear him?

His head laid heavy in his hands as he sobbed, not bothering to look up to watch the dogs playing in the yard one last time. They used to make him feel at least somewhat better about all of this. Animals were the only ones who could sense his presence, but this time it wasn’t enough.

August felt the need to lift his head, though he didn’t have the energy to do anything other than cry. The only thing that could lift his head was the sudden solid hand on his shoulder and a soft voice.

“Are you alone too?”

Beauty Is Natural.

Beauty, for years, has always been a topic of conversation around the world. What made you beautiful? What was too much make up? What was too little make up? Was it okay to be without make up?

For a long time Carmen had wondered that. What exactly made her beautiful if it wasn’t her make up?

“Beauty is natural.”

The phrase was confusing, because Carmen had hardly ever seen people actually ever talk like that. Truth be told, she neither disagreed, nor did she agree. She agreed because beauty didn’t necessarily mean make up and cover ups, sometimes it meant that you felt beautiful. It was the natural feeling of knowing that something on the inside made you beautiful on the outside.

“Carmen, what on the inside makes you beautiful?”

She had to think about it. What exactly made her beautiful on the inside? Carmen could joke and say her organs, but fought the urge to do so, deciding to save it for another day.

“I like to view myself as intelligent and passionate. I’m loyal and I love, even if I love a little too harshly.”

These made her beautiful because they made her…well, her! There, however were things on the outside that made her beautiful.

“If that’s what makes you pretty on the inside, then what about the outside?”

It was simple, Carmen didn’t have to put any thought into what she liked about her outer appearance! She loved her short, tom boyish black hair, she loved her ocean blue eyes, and she loved her tiny button nose. They all made doing her make up easier to do, they made her feel wonderful on the outside, just as she felt on the inside.

“How does that relate to beauty being natural? These are all just what you think. I don’t think you understood the question, Carmen.”

Beauty is a thought, it’s a thing of the mind based off preferences. Beauty is natural because the way you feel is most certainly going to affect how people see you. However, beauty isn’t natural because some people do not feel that way, and they’ll change the way they looked before, only to hate themselves, making it unnatural.

Beauty is how you think of yourself.

Beauty is anything you want it to be.

Beauty is a train of thought.

Beauty is natural.