Beauty Is Natural.

Beauty, for years, has always been a topic of conversation around the world. What made you beautiful? What was too much make up? What was too little make up? Was it okay to be without make up?

For a long time Cinderella had wondered that. What exactly made her beautiful if it wasn’t her make up?

“Beauty is natural.”

The phrase was confusing, because Cinderella had hardly ever seen people actually ever talk like that. Truth be told, she neither disagreed, not did she agree. She agreed because beauty didn’t necessarily mean make up and cover ups, sometimes it meant that you felt beautiful. It was the natural feeling of knowing that something on the inside made you beautiful on the outside.

“Cinderella, what on the inside makes you beautiful?”

She had to think about it. What exactly made her beautiful on the inside? Cinderella could joke and say her organs, but fought the urge to do so, deciding to save it for another day.

“I like to view myself as intelligent and passionate. I’m loyal and I love, even if I love a little to harshly.”

They made her beautiful because they made her…well, her! There, however were things on the outside that made her beautiful.

“If that’s what makes you pretty on the inside, then what about the outside?”

It was simple, Cinderella didn’t have to put any thought into what she liked about her outside appearance! She loved her short, tom boyish black hair, she loved her ocean blue eyes, and she loved her tiny button nose. They all made doing her make up easier to do, they made her feel wonderful on the outside, just as she felt on the inside.

“How does that relate to beauty being natural? These are all just what you think. I don’t think you understood the question, Cinderella.”

Beauty is a thought, it’s a thing of the mind based off preferences. Beauty is natural because the way you feel is most certainly going to affect how people see you. However, beauty isn’t natural because some people do not feel that way, and they’ll change the way they looked before, only to hate themselves, making it unnatural.

Beauty is how you think of yourself.

Beauty is anything you want it to be.

Beauty is a train of thought.

Beauty is natural.


Commission: Forgiveness

Fandom: Silent Hill

Prompt: A long journey comes to an end when Anne and Murphy change because of their long, unimaginable stay in Silent Hill. They find that they no longer can take it any more.

Genre: Platonic Relationship, Hurt/Comfort

Word Count: 2,732

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