Welcome to my about page. As you know, my name is Sara Thornton. I created this account so that I could have a portfolio ready for when I sign up with SCAD as well as for when I am in need of a writing gig/commission. I am currently a high school student of age eighteen. I have been a lover of reading and writing since I was young.

My love for writing had been sparked by my older sister who is now a medic in the Air Force. Like my sister, I had a deep rooted like for Anime, though my love extended until I had grown to love Japan as a whole. Just as she had, I started out writing fanfictions. While to this day I still write them, fanfiction, as looked down upon as it is, was where I had begun honing my skills as a writer. As time went on, I slowly began to expand my horizons.

I began to Roleplay, learning how to create stories and look at characters as well as different scenarios from a point of view that was not my own. My writing skills began to get better as time went on, and I used these experiences and encounters, be they good or bad, and used them to begin writing my own stories. My love for writing never stopped growing. I hope to someday do great things with my skills, and I hope to improve even more further down the line.


Sara Thornton